ISBN 9789350710067,Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting



Taxmann Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350710067

ISBN-10 9350710064

Paper Back

Edition 4th
Number of Pages 1036 Pages
Language (English)

Cost accounting

A comprehensive and authentic Text Book on Cost Accoun-ting prescribed for Post Graduate Courses of all Universities and Professional examinations.

Simple and crisp presentation will help the students in easily understanding the subject matter.
The Book is suggested for courses like MBA/M.Com./ PGDM/B.Com./BBA/CA/ CS/CWA & other professional courses.
Point-wise presentation will enable the students to easily understand and memorise the subject matter.
Examination orientation makes the book more student friendly.
Concepts are explained with suitable Illustrations and diagrams for its clear understanding.
Previous theoretical questions and fully solved examination problems posed at various professional examinations are given at the end of respective chapters.
All topics, illustrations, problems, tables and diagrams are distinctively numbered for easy location.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Cost Accounting : Systems, Objectives And Essentials
Chapter 2 Cost Concepts : Terminology And Classification
Chapter 3 Cost Concepts : Behaviour And Segregation
Chapter 4 Direct Material : Procurement Procedures And Accounting Of Issues
Chapter 5 Direct Material : Stock Control Techniques
Chapter 6 Direct Labour : Remuneration Systems
Chapter 7 Direct Labour : Turnover And Accounting
Chapter 8 Overheads : Allocation And Apportionment
Chapter 9 Overheads : Absorption And Recovery
Chapter 10 Overheads : Treatment Of Special Items
Chapter 11 Activity Based Costing : Systems And Procedures
Chapter 12 Costing Methods : Output Costing, Job Costing And Batch Costing
Chapter 13 Contract Costing : Running Contracts And Contracts Nearing Completion
Chapter 14 Operating Costing : Application In Service Sector
Chapter 15 Process Costing : Ascertainment Of Cost And Profitability
Chapter 16 Process Costing : Equivalent Units
Chapter 17 Joint Products And By-Products : Ascertainment Of CostAnd Profitability; Decisions On Further Processing
Chapter 18 Reconciliation Of Profit : Cost Accounts And Financial Accounts
Chapter 19 Cost Book-Keeping : Non-Integrated And Integrated Cost Systems
Chapter 20 Break-Even And Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis : In Multi Product And Uncertainty Situations
Chapter 21 Marginal Costing Technique : Applications In Decision Making
Chapter 22 Budgeting : Preparation Of Budgets And Control Of Variances
Chapter 23 Standard Costing : Terminology, Variance Analysis And Investigation
Chapter 24 Uniform Costing And Interfirm Comparisons
Chapter 25 Cost Audit And Management Audit
Chapter 26 Latest Developments In Cost Accounting

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