ISBN 9788172344528,Cough Syrup Surrealism

Cough Syrup Surrealism



Fingerprint Publishing

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788172344528

ISBN-10 817234452X


Number of Pages 276 Pages
Language (English)

Urban Life

Nineties was a roaring time for the country. A lot happened then which was instrumental in the country being what it is today from policies to Bollywood taking a new form and shape to the way people started thinking differently. The Nineties child grew up on a different dose of memories and this is what Tharun James Jimani is talking about in his debut book, Cough Syrup Surrealism.

The protagonist is young and almost lost. Charlie wants more but doesnt know what that is. He is constantly drifting between wanting to live and the urge to end his life. Not to forget that he is still stuck in the nineties (given he is a nineties child) when it is clearly 2006. He is also in love, with the beautiful Paloma. The 90s references are something that almost everyone can relate with and Jimani has not discounted any of those throughout the book. From the Maruti aspiration to MTV pop culture to the movies of the 90s, Jimani has almost got it all covered. The writing is racy and can tend to get repetitive at times, but given the plot and the characterization of Charlie, the reader can ignore the monotony.