ISBN 9789383316366,Counterinsurgency In Afganistan

Counterinsurgency In Afganistan



Gaurav Book Centre Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789383316366

ISBN-10 9383316365


Number of Pages 310 Pages
Language (English)

Police & security services

The insurgency in Afghanistan, the key challenges and successes of the U.S.-led counterinsurgency campaign, and the capabilities necessary to wage effective counterinsurgency operations. Since 9/11, two consecutive U.S. administrations have labored mightily to help Afghanistan create a state inhospitable to terrorist organizations with transnational aspirations and capabilities. The goal has been clear enough, but its attainment has proved vexing. Officials have struggled to define the necessary attributes of a stable post-Taliban Afghan state and to agree on the best means for achieving them. Counter-insurgency campaigns of duly-elected or politically recognized governments take place during war, occupation by a foreign military or police force, and when internal conflicts that involve subversion and armed rebellion occur. The best counterinsurgency campaigns "integrate and synchronize political, security, economic, and informational components that reinforce governmental legitimacy and effectiveness while reducing insurgent influence over the population. The goal of the counterinsurgency strategy is to defeat Taliban and affiliated insurgents by helping to bolster the Afghan government and its security forces, winning the hearts and minds of Afghans, reintegrating and reconciling former insurgents into society and helping to kick-start a functioning national economy. This book offers an accessible introduction to counterinsurgency operations, a key aspect of modern warfare.
About the Author

Col. T.N. Marwah (Retd.) (ASC) B.Tech. (Kharagpur) Commissioned into the Army on 16th July 1971. He has been thorough professional and dynamic leader and immensely popular. He has been visiting faculty at a reputed elite army institution Defence Service Staff College Wellington as a Colonel. He has penned several articles and published in various reputed journals and magazines.