ISBN 9781862306653,Cows in Action: Ter-moo-nators, The

Cows in Action: Ter-moo-nators, The


Steve Cole


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781862306653

ISBN-10 1862306656


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Animal stories

Genius Professor McMoo has managed to build a time machine from discarded farming machinery. He's about to run away with two cow friends, Pat and Bo Vine, when a very strange, futuristic, robotic cow - a ter-moo-nator - appears and attacks them . . . because the Prof, Pat and Bo are destined to become star agents of the C.I.A. - Cows in Action, a crack team of cow commandos! In the future, cows live peacefully with humans as equals, not as food. But someone's using time travel to interfere with history - and the Prof has to help stop that!

In this first adventure, the C.I.A. must travel back to the time of Henry VIII, where Henry's wife, Anne of Cleves, has been replaced by a cow in disguise! With a CD read by the author himself, this brilliantly funny and wildly quirky new series from the creator of Astrosaurs promises to be moo-vellous fun.