ISBN 9781593372682,Creating We: Change I-Thinking To We-Thinking & Build A Healthy, Thriving Organization

Creating We: Change I-Thinking To We-Thinking & Build A Healthy, Thriving Organization



Adams Media Corporation

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9781593372682

ISBN-10 159337268X


Number of Pages 350 Pages
Language (English)

Educational material

I. Me. Us. Them. These seemingly innocent pronouns have the power to completely stymie growth and erode unity within companies of all sizes - from privately owned small businesses to large conglomerates. Creating WE, by visionary executive coach Judith E. Glaser, goes to the root of the problem, showing how self-centered, unimaginative, noncollaborative "I-centric" work environments cause "cancer cells" to form in the workplace, dooming companies to failure. For small and large companies that can't seem to interact and communicate effectively from manager to staff, department to department, and division to division, Creating WE - the flagship book in Adams Media's new business imprint, Platinum Press - helps dissipate the cancer cells that continue to plague companies and hold them back from achieving the breakout success that is well within reach. The book has particular resonance for the myriad business entities that have been acquired, merged, restructured, downsized - or, in the midst of rapid growth and expansion, are unable to maintain the sense of unity they once had. By creating Glaser's revolutionary "WE" culture, everyone works toward the same common goal, turning the selfish, self-serving pronouns "they," "them," "their," and "I" into the magical word WE and achieving unparalleled results.