ISBN 9780671792985,Crime In The Queen's Court

Crime In The Queen's Court


Keene Carolyn


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 1993

ISBN 9780671792985

ISBN-10 0671792989


Number of Pages 152 Pages
Language (English)

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Nancy Drew: Crime In The Queen's Court (Mystery Stories # 112) is a part of the Nancy Drew mystery series, and the book opens with the arrival of the troupe of an Elizabethan festival at River Heights. Nancy joins the troupe in the guise of a lady in the queen's court. There are costumes, music, dance, and feasts. The performances also include classics like Romeo and Juliet. But behind all this fun and merry-making, there seems to be a sinister plot brewing. Nancy comes to learn that the whole festival is a target for sabotage. Everyone including herself and the Queen are targets. She further investigates and learns that someone with hidden ambitions and secret plans seems to be behind the whole plan, and that the lives of many innocent people is on the line. Nancy is at once determined to find out who is behind the sabotage plan and prevent what might turn into a major tragedy. Carolyn Keene is the pseudonym of the authors behind the Nancy Drew mystery stories. This series has multiple authors who contribute under this standard pseudonym. Other books by her include Nancy Drew: Ghost Stories, Nancy Drew: The Treasure In The Royal Tower, and Nancy Drew: Without a Trace (Book 1). Ellen Winkler is the editor of Nancy Drew: Crime In The Queen's Court (Mystery Stories # 112). She has received other publishing credits for Robot's Revenge #123, and Case of the Artful Crime #106.