ISBN 9780062312174,Crimes Against Women : Three Tragedies And The Call For Reform In India

Crimes Against Women : Three Tragedies And The Call For Reform In India



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780062312174

ISBN-10 0062312170


Number of Pages 174 Pages
Language (English)

Academic And Professional

A serious and timely exploration of the hopes and catastrophes, the bravery and the abuse, that are the daily lot, of millions of India's women. As 2012 came to a close, news of the gang rape of a young woman in India's capital generated headlines around the world. Her assault on a moving bus with a metal rod, and her death two weeks later from her injuries, focused attention on the dark side of the world's largest democracy: the struggle that faces many Indian women in a country where chauvinistic and misogynistic attitudes prevail. The Wall Street Journal's India bureau explored this horrendous crime and others that have shaken the conscience of civil society. The reporting in all the stories stands out for its gripping detail and its emotional pull. In many cases, central figures involved in these everyday dramas were speaking out for the first time. The book begins with the story of a Catholic nun murdered in rural India as she tried to preserve ancient tribal ways in the face of mining expansion, while also coming to the aid of a woman who had allegedly been raped. Next is an account of a young woman from rural Bihar who was duped into moving to Delhi, where she was forced to marry or go into prostitution -- and the disaster for her and her family that ensued. The woman broke her long-held silence to speak to the WSJ about what happened. The book ends with the WSJ's coverage of the New Delhi rape case, including portraits of the victim and her friend who tried to save her but couldn't. He granted the WSJ intimate and exclusive access to tell his side of the story. About the Authors Paul Beckett is Asia Editor of The Wall Street Journal. From 2007 until April, he ran the WSJ's South Asia bureau. Born and bred in Scotland, he joined Dow Jones & Co. in 1990. He has reported from New York, London, Mexico City, Washington and New Delhi. Krishna Pokharel is a New Delhi-based reporter with The Wall Street Journal. A native of Kathmandu, Nepal, he joined the Journal's South Asia bureau in September 2007 while pursuing journalism studies at the University of Delhi. He writes on social issues.