ISBN 9788180387739,Criminal Law

Criminal Law


P.S.A. Pillai


Lexis-Nexis India



Lexis-Nexis India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788180387739

ISBN-10 8180387739


Edition 11th
Number of Pages 936 Pages
Language (English)

Criminal law

Highlights Systematically and clearly provides an in-depth analysis of all the categories of offences incorporated in the Indian Penal Code Thoroughly revised and updated in the light of leading judicial pronouncements and emerging trends in the field Provides a critical analysis of reforms proposed by the Law Commission and other bodies Primarily discusses the substantive law of crimes in India and also explains relevant provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 This edition retains its original simple and lucid style supported with rich authorities, judicial as well as scholarly Includes the latest legislative changes as well as updated Case law About the Author Dr K I Vibhute is Emeritus Professor of Law, National Law University, Jodhpur. While teaching at Jodhpur, he also served as the Director for the Centre for Criminal Law Studies. He has been Professor of Law at various universities in India and abroad, including the University of Pune, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, Brunei Darussalam, the University of Technology Mara, Malaysia, National University of Malaysia and Bremen University, Germany. He has authored or edited nine books, and has also contributed to sixteen anthologies. Many of these publications are prescribed as textbooks in Indian and foreign universities. He has to his credit, one hundred and thirteen articles in reputed law journals across the globe. He has also presented papers at more than sixty-five international and national conferences. He has been a member of the Editorial/Advisory Boards of the Journal of the Indian Law Institute, Asian Yearbook of International Law, Scholasticus, International Journal of Criminal Justice Science and Ethiopian Journal of Legal Education. He is a life member of the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi, Environmental Scientists Association of India and International Jurist Organization (Asia). Table of Contents Chapter 1: Nature of Crime Chapter 2: Penal Law in India Chapter 3: Constituent Elements of Crime Chapter 4: Mens Rea Chapter 5: General Exceptions An Introduction Chapter 6: Mistake of Fact Chapter 7: Judicial Acts Chapter 8: Accident and Misfortune Chapter 9: Infancy Chapter 10: Insanity or Mental Abnormality Chapter 11: Intoxication Chapter 12: Consent and Compulsion Chapter 13: Trivial Acts Chapter 14: Private Defence Chapter 15: Attempt Chapter 16: Abetment Chapter 17: Criminal Conspiracy Chapter 18: Joint Liability Chapter 19: Of Punishments Chapter 20: Jurisdiction Chapter 21: Offences against the State Chapter 22: Offences Relating to Army, Navy and Air Force Chapter 23: Offences against Public Tranquility Chapter 24: Offences Relating to Elections Chapter 25: Contempts of the Lawful Authority of Public Servants Chapter 26: False Evidence and Offences against Public Justice Chapter 27: Offences Affecting Public Health, Safety, Convenience, Decency and Morals Chapter 28: Coins and Government Stamps Chapter 29: Offences Relating to Weights and Measures Chapter 30: Offences Relating to Religion Chapter 31: Criminal Breach of Contracts of Service Chapter 32: Offences Relating to Marriage Chapter 33: Homicide Chapter 34: Of Punishment Chapter 35: Offences Relating to Children Chapter 36: Hurt and Grievous Hurt Chapter 37: Criminal Force and Assault Chapter 38: Wrongful Restraint and Wrongful Confinement Chapter 39: Kidnapping and Abduction Chapter 40: Sexual Offences Chapter 41: Theft and Extortion Chapter 42: Robbery and Dacoity Chapter 43: Criminal Misappropriation and Breach of Trust Chapter 44: Receipt of Stolen Property Chapter 45: Cheating Chapter 46: Mischief Chapter 47: Criminal Trespass Chapter 48: Offences Relating to Documents Chapter 49: Offences Relating to Property Marks and Currency-notes Chapter 50: Defamation Chapter 51: Criminal Intimidation

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