ISBN 9788184733907,Critical Care Handbook of the Massachussetts General Hospital

Critical Care Handbook of the Massachussetts General Hospital



PeePee Publishers and Distributors Pvt

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788184733907

ISBN-10 8184733909

Paper Back

Edition 5th
Number of Pages 800 Pages
Language (English)

Hospital administration & management

Written by the multidisciplinary intensive care unit staff at the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Fifth Edition of this best-selling handbook is a practical, complete, and current guide to medical and surgical critical care. In a user-friendly outline format designed for rapid reference, this pocket-sized book presents reliable, hospital-tested protocols that reflect today's most advanced critical care practices. This edition includes new chapters on disaster preparedness in the ICU, quality improvement and prophylaxis, non-antibiotic therapies for sepsis, and use of ultrasound in the ICU. An appendix provides supplemental drug information.
Table of Contents
1 Hemodynamic Monitoring
2 Respiratory Monitoring
3 Use of Ultrasound in the ICU
4 Airway Management
5 Principles of Mechanical Ventilation
6 Hemodynamic Management
7 Sedation and Analgesia
8 Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base Management
9 Critical Care of the Trauma Patient
10 Critical Care of the Neurologic Patient
11 Nutrition
12 Infectious Disease – General Considerations
13 Quality Improvement and Prophylaxis
14 Ethical and Legal Issues in ICU Practice
15 Evidence-Based Practice and Basic Statistics in Critical Care
16 Transport of the ICU Patient
17 Coronary Artery Disease
18 Valvular Heart Disease
19 Cardiac Dysrhythmias
20 The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
21 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma
22 Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Venous Thrombosis
23 Discontinuation of Mechanical Ventilation
24 Acute Kidney Injury
25 Liver Dysfunction
26 Coagulopathy and Hypercoagulability
27 Acute Gastrointestinal Diseases
28 Endocrine Disorders and Glucose Management
29 Infectious Diseases&ampmdashSpecific Considerations
30 Nonantibiotic Therapies for Sepsis
31 Stroke, Seizures, and Encephalopathy
32 Acute Weakness
33 Drug Overdose, Poisoning, and Adverse Drug Reactions
34 Adult and Pediatric Resuscitation
35 Transfusion Medicine
36 Neurological Trauma
37 The Burned Patient
38 Disaster Preparedness in the ICU
39 ICU Care After Vascular Surgery
40 ICU Care After Thoracic Surgery
41 ICU Care Following Liver, Kidney,
42 ICU Care of the Obese Patient
43 The Intensivist Outside the ICU
44 Obstetric Critical Care
Appendix A: Supplemental Drug Information