ISBN 9780415471831,Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide

Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide


Tracy Bowell



Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780415471831

ISBN-10 0415471834


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 294 Pages
Language (English)


Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide is a much-needed guide to argument analysis and a clear introduction to thinking clearly and rationally for oneself. Through precise and accessible discussion this book equips students with the essential skills required to tell a good argument from a bad one.
Key features of the book are:

clear, jargon-free discussion of key concepts in argumentation
how to avoid common confusions surrounding words such as truth, knowledge and opinion
how to identify and evaluate the most common types of argument
how to spot fallacies in arguments and tell good reasoning from bad
chapter summaries, glossaries and useful exercises.

This third edition has been revised and updated throughout, with new exercises, and up-to-date topical examples, including: real-world arguments; practical reasoning; understanding quantitative data, statistics, and the rhetoric used about them; scientific reasoning; and expanded discussion of conditionals, ambiguity, vagueness, slippery slope arguments, and arguments by analogy.
The Routledge Critical Thinking companion website, features a wealth of further resources, including examples and case studies, sample questions, practice questions and answers, and student activities.
Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide is essential reading for anyone, student or professional, at work or in the classroom, seeking to improve their reasoning and arguing skills.