ISBN 9780719070365,Cross-wired: Communication, Interface, Locality

Cross-wired: Communication, Interface, Locality



Manchester University Press

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780719070365

ISBN-10 0719070368


Number of Pages 144 Pages
Language (English)

Medical physics

Art is integrally bound to the creation and dissemination of symbolic systems and rules. The codes are operated through a variety of media, and facilitate the functioning of a range of activities and exchanges such as computer programming, commerce, mobile communications, bureaucracy, education, entertainment and the art world itself. This volume looks at how one code "talks" to another code. "Conversations" between code systems take on a variety of forms: critical, constructive, disquieting, anarchic, destructive and humorous. The contributing artists do not simply subscribe to, or operate within the confines of, singular specific codes, but rather seek ways of working between them, of cross-wiring one system into another. This anthology of contemporary art will be of interest to readers who seek diagnostic insights into current creative processes.