ISBN 9789382647157,Crossroads : Its About Time

Crossroads : Its About Time


Preeti Singh






Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382647157

ISBN-10 9382647155


Number of Pages 265 Pages
Language (English)

Contemporary Women

In the journey of life we see dreams, we fall in love, we experience bliss but yet we often fall, never to rise again. But Kavita is a fighter. From marrying the man she loves, to becoming a protective mother, to tolerating abuse and emerging stronger from it, her life is not different from just another Indian woman. For how long can she take the domestic violence and humiliation? Does she leave her abusive husband Rajiv, in search of greener pastures with Mihir, or does she succumb to a passionate moment with a youngster, Abhinash. Don?t we all have a right to make our identity, alone, or is marriage the only bond where one must adjust to find happiness. Is Kavita doing anything wrong by following her heart. If it takes two to tango, where did she go wrong. Can she pamper the child in her, defy the world and live life on her own terms? Or does life give her a chance to make amends and save her precious bonds. She is standing at the crossroads of her life and wondering which path she should follow to get some peace, something we all are seeking. Why don?t YOU, my reader hold her hand and guide her. It?s about time. Preeti Singh is a professional writer based at Panchkula, Chandigarh. She is qualified with an MA (Eng), PGJMC (Journalism and Mass comm.) and a B.Ed. degree along with being an army wife and a school teacher for 14 years. After working as a Chief Editor with Amity University, Noida for some time, she ruffled up her forte? of writing for Indian magazines like Woman?s Era, Homemaker and Femina and featured articles in leading newspapers, as well. Being a full time, mother to her teenage daughter, she has accomplished herself through her website Writing being her inherent passion, she believes in expressing her life?s experiences through words. Believing in living for now, she lives her life to the fullest, with a motto that, we reap what we sow, which was the central theme of her exciting, debut thriller, ?Flirting With Fate?, nominated for the Commonwealth Bookers Prize 2012 and also awarded the Best Debut Crime Fiction of 2012 by Butterfly & The Bee ?your literary angels!