ISBN 9781259029882,Cryptography And Network Security

Cryptography And Network Security



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781259029882

ISBN-10 1259029883


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 528 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Books

In its signature style, the third edition clearly presents all key concepts of the subject like Data Encryption Standard, Ciphers, IP Security and Web Security, via easy-to-follow examples and diagrams, keeping complex mathematical treatments at bay. With ample practical examples, case studies and large number of pedagogy, the book perfectly motivates readers to delve into the application aspects of the subject. Salient Features Practical orientation of the subject helps students implement real-life tasks through the integrated case studies Inclusion of new topics like IEEE 802.11 Security, Elgamal Cryptography, Cloud Security Follows Bottom up approach Cryptography -> Network Security -> Case Studies TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to the Concepts of Security 2. Cryptography Techniques 3. Computer-based Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithms 4. Computer-based Asymmetric-Key Cryptography Algorithms 5. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) 6. Internet-Security Protocols 7. User-Authentication Mechanisms 8. Practical Implementations of Cryptography/Security 9. Network Security, Firewalls, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Appendices A. Mathematical Background B. Number Systems C. Information Theory D. Real-life Tools E. Web Resources F. A Brief Introduction to ASN, BER, DER