ISBN 9789351720355,CSAT IAS Preliminary Examination Paper I : General Studies Manual

CSAT IAS Preliminary Examination Paper I : General Studies Manual



Kalinjar Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351720355

ISBN-10 9351720357


Number of Pages 1800 Pages
Language (English)

Civil Services

This book is use full for IA, PCS and all other examinations.
Table of contents :-
Solved Papers
Solved Paper 2014 1 - 12
Solved Paper 2013 1 - 12
1. Indian History
1. Pre - Historic India and the Harappan Culture
Salient Features of the Harappan Culture
2. The Vedic Culture
3. Religious Movements
4. The Rise of the Magadha
5. The Mauryan Empire
6. Post - Mauryan
7. Gupta Empire
8. Post - Gupta Period
9. India During 300 - 700 A.D
Indian Religions
Language and Literature
Art and Architecture
Science and Technology
10. Early Medieval India
Advent of Islam
11. Delhi Sultanate
Khilji Dynasty (1290 - 1320)
Tughluqs Dynasty (1320 - 1414)
12. Vijayanagar and Bahamani Empire
13. Administration and Economy (1200 - 1526)
Urban Economy
14. Society, Culture and Religion (1200 - 1526)
Bhakti Movement
15. Regional Centres of Power
16. Mughal Empire
Sur Empire (1540 - 55)
Later Mughals
17. Mughal Administration and Economy
Mughal Economy
18. Mughal Society, Culture and Religion
Mughal Religious Policy Akbar'S Religious Policy
19. The Maratha Age
Successors of Shivaji
Peshwas (1713 - 1818)
Later Peshwas
20. Eighteenth Century'S India
21. Advent of the Europeans and Ascendance of the British
Anglo - French or Carnatic Wars
Bengal Battles
Anglo Mysore Wars
Anglo - Afghan Wars
Establishes of the British Paramountcy
22. Administration and
Economy Under the Company Rule (1757 - 1857)
Economic and Commercial Policy
Phases of Economic Policy in India
Drain of Wealth Theory
Land Revenue Systems
23. Early Uprisings, Revolt of 1857 and
British Policies After 1857
Early Uprisings Against British Rule
Non - Tribal Movements
Impact of the Revolt
Economic Policies
24. The Indian Renaissance
25. Indian National Congress
26. Rise of Indian Nationalism
27. Peasant and Trade Union Movements
28. Development of Education and the Indian Press
29. Gandhian Era (1917 - 1947)
Non - Cooperation Movement (Ncm)
Spread of Ncm
30. Towards Freedom
Important Acts
Multiple Choice Questions
2. Indian Polity
1. Indian Constitution: At a Glance
Part I: The Union and its Erritory
Part II: Citizenship
Part III: Fundamental Rights
Part IV: Directive Principles of State Policy
Part IV A: Fundamental Duties
Part V: The Union
Part VI: The States
Part VII: The States in Part B of the First Schedule
Part VIII: The Union Territories
Part IX : The Panchayats
Part IX A: The Municipalities
Part X: Scheduled and Tribal Areas
Part XI: Relations Between the Union and the States
Part XII: Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits
Part XIII: Trade, Commerce and Inter Course within the Territory of India
Part XIV: Services Under Union and States
Part XIV A: Tribunals
Part XV: Elections
Part XVI: Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes
Part XVII: Official Language
Part XIX: Miscellaneous
Part XX: Constitutional Amendment
Part XXI: Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions
Part XXII: Short Title, Commencement, Authoritative Text in Hindi
Schedules of Indian Constitution
2. Sources of Indian Constitution
Developmental Sources
Constitutional History
Main Provisions of Important Acts Passed in British India
'Diarchy' and 'Devolution Rules'
Government of India Act 1935
3. Framing of the Constitution of India
Role of Constituent Assembly
4. Preamble
The Preamble
Scope and Significance
5. The Union and its Territory
Union Territories
Article: 2
Article: 3
Article: 4
6. Citizenship
Citizenship Act, 1955
Acquisition of Citizenship
Termination of Citizenship
Dual Citizenship
Benefits and Privileges
Citizenship Act 2003
People of Indian Origin
Singhvi Committee
7. Fundamental Rights
Right to Freedom (Art.19)
Other Rights Covered Under the Right to Freedom (Art. 19)
Protection Against Arrest and Detention (Art - 22)
Right to Constitutional Remedies (Art. 32)
8. Directive Principles of State Policy
Dpsp Added by Amendments
Directive in Other Parts of Indian Constitution (Not in Part Iv)
Fundamental Rights Vs. Directive Principles of State Policy
Fundamental Duties
Part I V - A: Fundamental Duties
9. Union Executive
Emergency Powers
Vice - Presidents of India
Attorney General of India
Cags of India
10. Parliament
Part V, the Union Chapter I Parliament
Parliamentary Privileges and Immunities
Parliamentary Committees
Speaker of Lok Sabha
Speakers of Lok Sabha
Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
Rajya Sabha
Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
Joint Sitting of the Parliament
11. Judiciary
Supreme Court of India
Chief Justices of India
High Courts
High Courts in India
12. State Executive
Chief Minister
State Legislature
Upper House
Lower House
13. Local Government
Panchayati Raj : An Evolutionary Perspective
73Rd Constitutional Amendment
Importance Articles
Eleventh Schedule (Article 243 - G)
Gram Sabha
Gram Panchayat
Panchayat Samiti
Zila Parishad
Personnel Administration
Block Development Officer
Extension Officers
Village Level Worker
Financial Management
Control Over Pris
Coordination in Pris
Problem Areas
Towards Renewed Thrust
74Th Constitutional Adendment
Important Articles
Twelfth Schedule (Article 243 - W)
Functions of Local Governments
Patterns of Local Government Finances
Taxes Leviable Under the Constitution
14. Public Service Commission
Constitutional Provisions
15. Electoral System
Chief Election Commissioners of India
Electrol Reforms
16. Center State Relation
Centre - State Relations: Conflict Zone
Punchhi Commission on Centre - State Relations
Finance Commission Vs Planning Commission
17. Emergency Provisions
National Emergency (Art. 352)
Proclamation of President'S Rule (Art. 356)
18. Amendment of Constitution
Amendment Procedure
Amendments in Brief
19. Seventh Schedule (Article 246)
List I--Union List
List II - State List
List Iii--Concurrent List
20. Administrative Tribunals
Important Committees
Members of Second Arc
Administrative Reforms Committees
21. Planning
Policy Formulation in India
Planning Commission
National Development Council
22. National Commissions
National Commissions for Scs
National Commission for Sts
National Commission for Minorities
National Commission for Women
National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
23. Dictionary of Polity
Practice Questions
3. Indian Economy
1. Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development Maintaining People and Earth
Reality Check
Economic Growth and Sustainability
Ecological Sustainability
Social Sustainability
Corporate Interest and Activities of Rural Development
Sustainable Development in a Globalizing World
Strengthening - Governance for Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development in India
Government Initiatives
Sustainable Employment Generation in India
Economic Aspect for Sustainable Development : India in Focus
Education for Sustainable Development
Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in India
Population and Environment Linkage
Environment as a Necessity and Luxury