ISBN 9788174823816,CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Chemical Sciences For Paper-I & II

CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Chemical Sciences For Paper-I & II




Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788174823816

ISBN-10 8174823816


Number of Pages 786 Pages
Language (English)


Table Of Contents

Part ‘A’
Computer Awareness and Scientific Aptitude

Computer Awareness
General Awareness and Scientific Aptitude
Geography (or Geo science)
Part ‘B’

Unit–1 : Atomic Structure
Unit–2 : Acids and Bases
Unit–3 : Re dox Reactions
Unit–4 : Introductory Energetics and Dynamic of Chemical Reactions
Unit–5 : Aspects of s-, p-, d- and f- Block Elements
Unit–6 : IUPAC Nomenclature of Simple Organic and Inorganic Compounds
Unit–7 : Stereo-chemistry : Concept of Chirality
Unit–8 : Common Organic Reactions and Mechanisms
Unit–9 : Elementary Principles and Applications of Spectral Techniques
Unit–10 : Data Analysis
Part ‘C’

Unit–1: Quantum Chemistry
Unit–2: The Variation Method and Perturbation Theory
Unit–3: Born Oppenheimer Approximation, MO, VB
Unit–4: Group Theoretical Representations and Quantum Mechanics
Unit–5: Spectroscopy : Theoretical Treatment of Rotational, Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopy, Principles of Magnetic Resonance, Moss bauer and Photo electron Spectroscopy
Unit–6, 7: Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium
Unit–8 : Ideal and Non-ideal Solutions
Unit–9: Electro-chemistry
Unit–10: Surface Phenomenon
Unit–11: Statistical Thermodynamics
Unit–12: Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics
Unit–13: Reaction Kinetics
Unit–14: Fast Reactions
Unit–15: Macromolecules
Unit–16: Solids
Unit–17: Nuclear Chemistry
Unit–18: Chemistry of Non-transition Elements
Unit–19: Chemistry of Transition Elements
Unit–20: Chemistry of Lanthanides and Actinides
Unit–21: Organometallic Chemistry of Transition Elements
Unit–22: Analytical Chemistry
Unit–23: Bio-inorganic Chemistry
Unit–24: Aromaticity
Unit–25: Stereo chemistry and Conformational Analysis
Unit–26: Selective Organic Name Reactions
Unit–27: Mechanism of Organic Reactions
Unit–28: Peri cyclic Reactions
Unit–29: Hetero cyclic Chemistry
Unit–30: Reagents in Organic Synthesis
Unit–31: Chemistry of Natural Products
Unit–32: Bio-organic Chemistry
Unit–33: Photochemistry
Unit–34: Spectroscopy
Interdisciplinary Topics

1 Chemistry in Nano science and Technology
2 Catalysis and Green Chemistry
3 Medicinal Chemistry
4 Supra-molecular Chemistry
5 Environmental Chemistry
Part-B—Multiple Choice Questions
Part-C—Multiple Choice Questions