ISBN 9781430223979,Css Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions

Css Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions






Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781430223979

ISBN-10 1430223979


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 362 Pages
Language (English)


n The Previous One. However, It Can Also Be Used As A Reference Book, Dipping Into Each Chapter Or Technique To Help Solve Specific Problems. In Short, This Is The One Book On Css That You Need To Have.

This Second Edition Contains:
New Examples And Updated Browser Support Information
New Case Studies From Simon Collison And Cameron Moll
Css3 Examples, Showing New Css3 Features, And Css3 Equivalents To Tried And Tested Css2 Techniques

What You'Ll Learn
The Best Practice Concepts In Css Design.
The Most Important (And Tricky) Parts Of Css
Identify And Fix The Most Common Css Problems
How To Deal With The Most Common Bugs
Completely Up To Date Browser Support Information
Covers Css3 As Well As Css2 Showing You The Future Of Css

Who This Book Is For
This Book Will Be Aimed Towards Intermediate Web Designers/Developers, Although The Examples Should Be Simple Enough For Novice Designers/Developers With A Basic Understanding Of Css To Grasp. Readers Will Probably Have Read Beginner/Intermediate Instructional Books Such As Web Standards Solutions And Will Be Looking For More Practical And In-Depth Information. This Book Is Likely To Have A Broad Appeal, Attracting Intermediate Developers Wanting To Improve Their Skills As Well As Advanced Developers Wanting A Useful Reference.

The Css 2/3 Content Of The Book Is Delivered In A Way That Allows Readers To Learn Css2 Techniques That They Can Implement Now In Professional Work, And Then Gem Up On Css3 Techniques If They Want To Start Looking Towards The Future.

Table Of Contents
1. Setting The Foundations
2. Getting Your Styles To Hit The Target
3. Visual Formatting Model Overview
4. Using Backgrounds For Effect
5. Styling Links
6. Styling Lists And Creating Nav Bars
7. Styling Forms And Data Tables
8. Layout
9. Bugs And Bug Fixing
10. Case Study: Roma Italia
11. Case Study: Climb The Mountains