ISBN 9789351364443,Cult of Chaos: An Anantya Tantrist Mystery

Cult of Chaos: An Anantya Tantrist Mystery


Shweta Taneja



Harper Collins India

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789351364443

ISBN-10 9351364445


Number of Pages 386 Pages
Language (English)

Mystery & Detective

The age of the Tantriks has dawned. They operate openly with their own council, police and judiciary. Of all their creeds, the Kaula Ashram’s white tantriks are the most powerful. The men of the ashram are powerful tantriks, and the women are intimate collaborators. Anantya has forsaken the Kaula path. She doesn’t see the need for official seals. She is more concerned with saving the world than with badges or honours. However, the world is heading straight to hell. Young girls are being sacrificed in a tantrik ritual in Delhi. Someone is summoning the God of Chaos. A daeva seeks to blackmail Anantya for some desperate cause, and a giant, three-headed Cobra shows up in Old Delhi. The Red tantriks are facing the White in conflict, and there is at least one Black tantrik who is messing with perilous shakti. Anantya is caught amidst the conflict, and to add to her problems, the supernatural netherworld comes alive with its ensemble of creatures.

About the author :-
Shweta Taneja is an Indian writer and journalist based in Bangalore. This book is the first title in her debut series.
Shweta also enjoys reading, watching movies and hiking.