ISBN 9788121211475,Cultural Pluralism :The Indian Scenario

Cultural Pluralism :The Indian Scenario



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788121211475

ISBN-10 8121211476

Hard Back

Number of Pages 381 Pages
Language (English)


Cultural Pluralism: The Indian Scenario is an anthropological attempt to contextualise Indian diversity. There is also an attempt by senior scholars like Prof. N. S. Reddy to list out a sample of the perennial problems a plural society has to face, that cannot be wished away. There are also suggestions made by him as to how to tackle the problems effectively.Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad makes clear distinction between pluralism and multicultural pluralism. As far Indian scenario is concerned he distinguishes two parallel processes of 'an ethnic nation' and 'nation state' that are in operation. The above form the introductory part of the book.The rest of the book has articles on three major areas comprising of 'cultural pluralism in the context of tribes'; contexts in which both 'religious and cultural pluralism' are operative; 'linguistic pluralism'; and case studies of specific ethnic groups who have imbibed pluralistic elements.