ISBN 9788130917184,Culture in our Classrooms: Teaching Language Through Cultural Content

Culture in our Classrooms: Teaching Language Through Cultural Content


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Delta Publishing

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788130917184

ISBN-10 8130917181

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Number of Pages 104 Pages
Language (English)

Cultural Heritage

Culture in our Classrooms acknowledges the role of culture in the English Language Teaching classroom and provides lesson content which is relevant, useful and engaging for students. Over 80 practical and easy-to-use communicative activities will help your students:

become aware of the target-culture norms and behaviours
understand better their own and other beliefs and values
see beyond stereotypes and empathise with other cultures

Culture in our Classrooms contains three distinctive parts which focus in turn on theory, practice and development:

Part A examines definitions of culture. The authors examine the beliefs behind behaviours, and reflect on the inextricable link between culture and language - suggesting that culture as 'classroom content' involves students on many levels, enabling them to communicate about something deep, compelling and worthwhile.

Part B contains a wealth of activities which encourage critical thinking in students and communication between students. They involve students in reacting and reflecting, sharing and comparing - and are grouped into four chapters which foster cultural awareness, focus on the cultural connotations of language, formulate thinking frames for study and, finally, fix their attention on an English-speaking country.

Part C approaches culture in the context of Teacher Development and provides 16 practical exercises for staffroom sessions. The exercises span four major skill areas for personal and professional improvement - observation, listening, rapport building and empathy.

About the Author
Gill Johnson is a teacher and a trainer. She is a mentor in the UK secondary school sector, a CELTA trainer and assessor and she has worked regularly in four continents. An outsider looking in, an insider looking out; observing and being observed; judging and being judged - all of which has contributed to Culture in our Classrooms.

Mario Rinvolucri's contact with cultural diversity started early in his Italo-Germano-English home. Three years in Greece and two in Chile brought him up against new aspects of this huge area. In the UK, his students have come from all over the world - creating the personal and professional background to this book.

Table of Contents
Part A
References and further reading
Part B
Activating cultural awareness
Cultural categorizations
My story
Who are you, teacher?
The ideal student
What embarrasses you?
The world as I see it
Beliefs behind behaviours
Images in different cultures
Symbolic movements
Red card behavior
Groups I belong to
Racist, me?
Me and my culture
Breaking rules
Success stories
Things I like
The best day of the year
Two women and a funeral
Buffer zones
Looking through windows
Take comfort!
Shall I Pour?
Teenage work
Parental dos and don'ts
To sleep, perchance to dream
Rules for life
All change!
Words, metaphors and stories
A lesson I learned
Gender words
Snakes in the bushes
No bushes, no snakes
One woman's story
The quality of silence
The sound of silence
Classy meals
Middle-class assumptions
Note the difference
Grandpa's story
Woolly words
New words for new times
TV talk
National anthems
Frames for studying culture
On course!
Onion ring culture
Cultural concepts
This is my life!
Culture statues
My values, your culture
Culture words
Our house
Four-way states of mind
Talking and turn taking time is of the essence
Culture construction
A mind map of Europe
The question of health
Codes of conduct
Walk on the wild side
Buy now, pay later!
The printed word
We and they
Spotlight on the UK
Nice neighbours!
How annoying!
A scene on a train
Stop picking on me!
What strikes you in a strange culture
The confusion of culture shock
On target!
How I map my country
Don't let me be misunderstood
Worlds apart?
Public notices
Strange sounds
Co-operative comments
Questions of attitude
The prince and the pauper
Four ways of complaining
Softening what you say
House rules
Learning from the host family
Institutions and the internet
UK quiz
Part C
In-depth listening
Rapport building
The other's shoes