ISBN 9788172451769,Customs, Fasts and Festivals of India

Customs, Fasts and Festivals of India



Goodwill Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788172451769

ISBN-10 8172451768


Number of Pages 264 Pages
Language (English)

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This volume is intended to be a comprehensive compendium of all that is culturally Indian; for customs, fasts and festivals give but only a superficial glimpse into a country's ethos. That is why their details have been preceded by an in-depth analysis of how these ceremonies and associated rituals have come to be created and what they actually convey. The three appendices have been added in the end to help the reader either learn or confirm as to what is to be eaten; what is to be sung or chanted and how time is to be reckoned for particular festivals. The selected line drawings of certain festivals have been given to facilitate the reader to visualise their actual performances. Although an attempt has been made to list the fast and festivals in their chronological order by the Gregorian calendar yet since most of the Hindu festivals are decided by the Hindu Vikram Calendar and the Muslim ones by Hijri Calendar, a brief idea about their time of occurrence has been given by broadly dividing the various festivals into their season-wise categorisation. Lastly the author expresses his deep gratitude to Rajneesh ji of Goodwill Publications; his deep indebtedness to his friends and the authors of various books that he has read upto now as also to his wife, Mrs. Mamta Chaturvedi, whose practical demonstrations concerning the various recipes included in this work have been immensely helpful in writing this book. May the tribe increase!