ISBN 9789383316373,Cyber Threat In Global Perspective

Cyber Threat In Global Perspective



Gaurav Book Centre Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789383316373

ISBN-10 9383316373

Hard Back

Number of Pages 312 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

Directly after 9/11, much was made of the possibilities of a large-scale cyber-terrorism attack by the media. However, several academics in the pending years published papers focusing on the terrorist groups utilize the Internet as it was designed to be; a means to communicate and collaborate, therefore the terrorists have stronger reasons to keep it up and online. Hence the apparently impending large scale cyber-terrorist attack that would cripple the internet has not materialised although Al Qaeda has taken full advantage of this fear. Cyber terrorism is typically defined as the use of the Internet as a vehicle through which to launch an attack. Terrorists could conceivably hack into electrical grids and security systems, or perhaps distribute a powerful computer virus. 'l-Qaeda operatives are known to have taken training in hacking techniques,' Arquilla says, but the likelihood of such a cyber attack seems fairly remote. The purpose of armed forces is to break the will of an organized opponent by violent force. Who will prevail depends to some extent on comparative recklessness. Thus, war and the preparations for it do not only go beyond civilized behaviour, but carry an inherent tendency to transcend all other rules, including the ones applying to armed conflict. The book will serve as an ultimate resource book for everyone who would like to know the wide range of prospects in the emerging applications of cyber terrorism and military.