ISBN 9789385576447,Daily Practice Problem (DPP) Sheets for AIPMT/ AIIMS Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Daily Practice Problem (DPP) Sheets for AIPMT/ AIIMS Physics, Chemistry, Biology


Disha Publication



Disha Publication

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789385576447

ISBN-10 9385576445


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 1008 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exams Preparational

TABLE OF CONTENTS DPP 1. The Living World DPP 2. Biological Classification: Monera/ Virus DPP 3. Biological Classification : Protista DPP 4. Biological Classification : Fungi DPP 5. Biological Classification : Algae DPP 6. Biological Classification : Bryophyta DPP 7. Biological Classification : Pteridophyta DPP 8. Biological Classification : Gymnosperm / Angiosperm DPP 9. Animal Kingdom: Non-Chordata - Porifera, Coelenterata, Platyhelminthes, Nemathelminthes DPP 10. Animal Kingdom : Non-Chordata - Annelida, Arthropoda, Mollusca, Echinodermata DPP 11. Animal Kingdom: Chordata - Feature of Chordata, Pisces, Amphibia DPP 12. Animal Kingdom: Chordata - Reptiles, Aves, Mammals DPP 13. Morphology of Flowering Plants Part I : Root, Stem, Inflorescence DPP 14. Morphology of Flowering Plants Part II : Flower, Seed, Fruits and their dispersal, Taxonomy of Angiospermic plants DPP 15. Anatomy of flowering Plants-Plant Tissues DPP 16. Anatomy of Flowering Plants Part II : Internal Structure of Root, Stem, Leaf, and Secondary growth DPP 17. Cockroach DPP 18. Structural Organisation in Animals: Animal Tissue DPP 19. Cell-The Unit of life Part I : Cell wall, Plasma membrane, Protoplasm, Cytoplasm DPP 20. Cell-The Unit of life Part II : Mitochondria, Plastids, E.R, Golgi body, Sphaerosomes, " Vacuoles, Centriole, Microtubules, Nucleus, Chromosomes DPP 21. Biomolecules DPP 22. Cell cycle and cell division DPP 23. Transport in Plants Part I : membrane osmosis, Diffusion, Imbibition, Plasmolysis, Wilting, DPD, Water potential, Absorption of water, Ascent of sap DPP 24. Transport in Plants Part II : Transpiration, Stomata, Factor affecting transpiration, Mechanism of opening and closure of stomata, Guttation DPP 25. Mineral Nutrition Part I : Micro and Macro Nutrients DPP 26. Mineral Nutrition Part II : Mineral absorption, Nitrogen nutrition, Special mode of nutrition DPP 27. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants Part I : Photosynthesis experiments, photosynthetic apparatus, light reactions DPP 28. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants Part II : Dark reaction, C4/ CAM, Photorespiration, Factors affecting Photosynthesis DPP 29. Respiration in Plants DPP 30. Plant Growth and Development DPP 31. Digestion and Absorption - PART I: Digestive system/Digestive glands, Physiology of digestion DPP 32. Digestion and Absorption - PART II : Gastrointestinal hormones/ Digestive enzymes/ Nutrition & Nutritional requirement DPP 33. Breathing and Exchange of gases DPP 34. Body fluids and circulation - PART I : Structure & function of heart / Blood vessel/ Blood pressure, ECG DPP 35. Body fluids and Circulation - PART II : Blood/ Lymphatic System/ Portal System DPP 36. Excretory products and their elimination DPP 37. Locomotion and movement DPP 38. Neural control and coordination Part I : Parts of nervous system, Biochemical aspect of nervous physiology DPP 39. Neural control and coordinations Part II : Sense organs - Eye and Ear DPP 40. Chemical coordination and integration DPP 41. Reproduction in Plants - Asexual reproduction, Vegetative propagation, Parthenogenesis DPP 42. Reproduction in Animals - Asexual reproduction, Parthenogenesis DPP 43. Sexual reproduction in flowering plants - Pollination, Fertilization, Embryo, Endosperm DPP 44. Human reproduction DPP 45. Reproductive Health DPP 46. Principles of inheritance and variation-Part I : Mendelism, Interaction of gene, Cytoplasmic inheritance, Linkage and Crossing over DPP 47. Principles of inheritance and variation-Part II : Genetic variation, Sex determination, Sex-linked disorder DPP 48. Molecular basis of inheritance DPP 49. Evolution DPP 50. Human health and disease DPP 51. Strategies for enhancement in food production DPP 52. Microbes in human welfare DPP 53. Biotechnology - Principles and Processes DPP 54. Biotechnology and its applications in Animals DPP 55. Biotechnology and its applications in plants DPP 56. Organisms and population DPP 57. Ecosystem - Structure and function DPP 58. Ecosystem - Ecological succession, Biome, Biosphere, Biogeochemical Cycle DPP 59. Biodiversity and Conservation DPP 60. Environmental Issues