ISBN 9780689861468,Danger On The Great Lakes

Danger On The Great Lakes


Keene Carolyn


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780689861468

ISBN-10 068986146X


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Action and Adventure

Most Readers Know Eve Ensler As The Writer Of The Vagina Monologues And Rightly So, As It Was A Ground-Breaking Play, Which Spoke Of Feminism In A Very Different Manner. In The Body Of The World On The Other Hand Is A Completely Different Form Of Writing (More So Because It Is A Memoir), Which Literally Makes You Connect To The Author In More Ways Than One. Suffering Perhaps Is Not Unique And At The Same Time Only The Sufferer Knows What He Or She Is Going Through. In The Body Of The World Is Enslers Battle With Uterine Cancer And The Hardships She Went Through That Time-From The Moment Awareness Kicked In To The Treatment To Her Better Understanding Of Her Body. Experiences Of Various Women Are Also Spoken About In Great Detail And The Author Then Correlates Them To Her Being And Existing In The World. Her Relationships Are Out There In The Book And We Highly Recommend This To Understand Pain And How One Copes With It. Description: In The Body Of The World: A Memoir Is A Poignant Read About The Authors Encounter With Uterine Cancer And Also A Revelation The Hardships Faced By Her. Summary Of The Book Having Experienced Sexual And Physical Abuse As A Child At The Hands Of Her Father, The Author Spent A Large Chunk Of Her Life Detached From Her Body. This Extraordinary Memoir, Titled In The Body Of The World: A Memoir, Is Her Personal Attempt To Return To Her Own Body And A Universal Attempt To Help Other Women Do The Same. She Had No Reference Point For Her Own Body And On Her Travels Across More Than 60 Nations, She Encountered Many Women Who Had Experienced Abuse Of The Goriest Kind And Lived Through The Trauma For A Major Part Of Their Lives. As A Result Of This, Their Lives Were Ruptured And They Exiled Themselves From Their Bodies. The Knowledge Of Their Experiences Helped Ensler In Identifying Her Own Feelings And Propelled Her Further To Help The Cause Of Other Women. The Author Has Vehemently Talked About The Atrocious Pain She Underwent As She Lived Through Uterine Cancer. Not Withholding What Is Normally Considered Forbidden And Private, She Has Spoken In Length About How She Endured Abrasive Procedures, Chemotherapy And Painful Surgeries. Enslers Relationship With Her Parents And Her Sister, The Abuse She Suffered As A Child And Her Experiences With Women Who Were Victims Of Rape And Violence In The Democratic Republic Of Congo, Have Also Been Talked About In A Detailed Manner In The Book. The Author Has Used The Devastation Of The Earth As A Metaphor For Her Own Illness In The Book, In The Body Of The World: A Memoir. This Book Is A Must Read For Anyone Who Has Faced Adversity And Seeks Inspiration And Generosity. The Jubilation Experienced By The Author, After Years Of Trials And Tribulations, Is Bound To Instil A Sense Of Compassion And Hopefulness In Every Reader.