ISBN 9789350872697,Daroji: An Ecological Destination

Daroji: An Ecological Destination


Samad Kottur



Delhi Art Gallery Pvt

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350872697

ISBN-10 9350872692


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


The work is by some of the best nature photographers in the country, and experts in forest management and conservation which makes it an important contribution for the preservation and management of arid regions of the country. By using the sloth bear as the flagship species to shoulder the narrative, this book takes one on a wonderful journey through the north Karnataka region, with amazing facts and useful information. This is surely one of the finest photography books on nature that has ever been produced in India.

About the Author
Samad Kottur 44, was born and raised in the small town of Kottur in Bellary district, South India. He presently works as a lecturer at the Government Pre University College in Hospet. When not teaching, he can be spotted either at a wetland, sanctuary or in some forested area. He is a freelance writer, photographer, wildlife activist and educator. He initiated conservation activities in and around the Daroji Bear Sanctuary more than a decade ago. He was a volunteer for the process to successfully eradicate Bear dancing in Karnataka right from the identification of captive bears to the rehabilitation of bear charmers and dancing bears. He initiated the campaign against ritual hunting and successfully stopped medieval ritual hunting in Hampi vicinity. He persistently strives to conserve the Sloth Bear habitat in the Kishkinda valley of Koppal district, and to document the birds of Bellary district. He has conducted research on the major fauna in the Kishkinda valley, using camera traps. He has also facilitated several awareness programs and bird watching camps for school children in the region