ISBN 9788178298757,Data Analysis in Business Research : A Step-By-Step Nonparametric Approach

Data Analysis in Business Research : A Step-By-Step Nonparametric Approach


D Israel


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Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788178298757

ISBN-10 8178298759


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


While there are books focusing on parametric tests, the domain of nonparametric tests is mostly unexplored. Data Analysis in Business Research: A Step by Step Nonparametric Approach brings under one umbrella all the major nonparametric statistical tools that can be used by undergraduate and postgraduate students of all disciplines, especially students of Research Methods in Social Sciences and Management Studies, in their dissertation work. Students face difficulty in analyzing data collected from small samples; they end up reporting mere percentage analysis which results in the loss of information collected. Hence there is a need to create awareness among students and researchers about the application of major nonparametric tools that can be applied confidently without worrying about sample size, scale of measurement, normality assumptions or other parameters of that nature. The lucid presentation of the step-by-step procedures, explaining in simple English how to perform each of the major nonparametric tests, is a major attraction of the book. The book, which also has a comprehensive question bank, assumes minimal or little knowledge of statistics on the part of the reader. This book will also be informative for Marketing Research professionals and organisations, consultancies and organisations of economic research. Table of Contents Preface Introduction One-Sample Tests Two Independent Sample Tests Two-Related Sample Tests K-Related Samples Tests K-Independent Samples Tests Measures of Correlation and Association Tests of Interaction and Multiple Comparison Multivariate Nonparametric Test for Interdependence Appendix References Index