ISBN 9789381638019,Data Communication And Networks MCS 42

Data Communication And Networks MCS 42



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638019

ISBN-10 9381638012


Number of Pages 310 Pages
Language (English)

Computer software

MCS 42 Data Communication & Computer Networks CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Introduction to Data Communication and Computer Network Concepts Unit 1 Introduction to Computer Network Unit 2 Data Transmission Unit 3 Data Encoding and Communication Technique Unit 4 Multiplexing and Switching Block 2 Media Access Control and Data Link Laye Unit5 Data Link Layer Fundamentals Unit6 Retransmission Strategies Unit7 Contentionbased Media Access Protocols Unit8 Wireless LAN and Datalink Layer Switching Block 3 Network Layer Unit9 Introduction to Layer Functionality and Design Issues Unit10 Routing Algorithms Unit11 Congestion Control in Public Switched Network Unit12 Internetworking Block 4 Transport Layer and Application Layer Services Unit13 Transport Services and Mechanism Unit14 TCP UDP Unit15 Network SecurityI Unit16 Network SecurityII QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2006 2. Solution Paper June 2007 3. Solution Paper Dec 2007 4. Solution Paper June 2008 5. Solution Paper Dec 2008 6. Solution Paper June 2009 7. Solution Paper Dec 2009 8. Solution Paper June 2010 9. Solution Paper June 2010 10. Solution Paper June 2011 11. Solution Paper Dec 2011 12. Solution Paper June 2012 13. Solution Paper Dec 2012 14. Solution Paper June 2013 15. Solution Paper Dec 2013