ISBN 9780070667266,Data Structures And Algorithms : Concepts, Techniques And Applications

Data Structures And Algorithms : Concepts, Techniques And Applications



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070667266

ISBN-10 0070667268


Number of Pages 480 Pages
Language (English)


Intended for a course on Data Structures at the UG level, this title details concepts, techniques and applications pertaining to the subject in a lucid style. Independent of any programming language, the text discusses several illustrative problems to reinforce the understanding of the theory. It offers a plethora of programming assignments and problems to aid implementation of Data Structures. Features Lucid Language: Language used is easy to comprehend and the text steers clear of complicated formalisms, case in point being the coverage of Trees. Exhaustive coverage: Separate chapters for Binary Search Trees and AVL Trees, B-Trees and Tries and Red Black Trees and Splay Trees. Example driven approach - After a brief introduction to the topic, the text applies these concepts using solved examples and algorithms. Eg. Infix, Prefix and Post Fix Expressions. Use of Pseudo-codes: Will provide students with flexibility in terms of language of implementation. Unique Feature: ADT for each Data Structure has been discussed in a separate section at the end of every chapter. Breakup of Examples and Problems Solved Examples: 124 Review Questions: 215 Illustrative Problems: 133 Programming Assignments: 74 Illustrations: 369. Table of contents :- Preface Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Analysis Of Algorithms PART I: SEQUENTIAL LINEAR DATA STRUCTURES Chapter 3. Arrays Chapter 4. Stacks Chapter 5. Queues PART II: LINKED LINEAR DATA STRUCTURES Chapter 6. Linked Lists Chapter 7. Linked Stacks and Linked Queues PART III: NON LINEAR DATA STRUCTURES Chapter 8. Trees and Binary Trees Chapter 9. Graphs PART IV: ADVANCED DATA STRUCTURES Chapter 10. Binary Search Trees and Avl Trees Chapter 11. B Trees and Tries Chapter 12. Red Black Trees and Splay Trees Chapter 13. Hash Tables Chapter 14. File Organizations PART V: SEARCHING AND SORTING Chapter 15. Searching Chapter 16. Internal Sorting Chapter 17. External Sorting Index