ISBN 9788183330923,Data Structures Using C

Data Structures Using C




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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788183330923

ISBN-10 8183330924


Number of Pages 431 Pages
Language (English)

Data structures

True to the ambitious format and style of the ISTE learning materials,this book has logically designed course structure and a refreshingly employed conversational style. Before you start on this book you are expected to have a good knowledge in the basics of C language. The book before with advanced features of C language and proceeds to dwell on algorithm and program development before presenting the common data structures and their applications. The book has the following seven modules:

1. Derived data types in C- I
2. Derived data types in C - II
3. Data structures and algorithm design
4. Stacks and queues
5. Lists
6. Tress and graphs
7. Search and sorting

Each module is suitably divided into units of major sub-topics. Every module/unit has a uniform structure in presentation starting with introduction/overview, and moving through objectives, sections, illustration, in text exercise, useful tips, review questions, and finally ending with summary, points to remember and lists of references. There are numerous examples, exercise and sample programs to prepare you for the examination. Assistance to all the questions and exercises is also given at the end of each module.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Arrays
Chapter 2 Structures and unions
Chapter 3 Pointers
Chapter 4 Functions
Chapter 5 Files
Chapter 6 Advanced features of C
Chapter 7 Basic concepts of data representation
Chapter 8 Algorithm design and analysis
Chapter 9 Stacks and queues
Chapter 10 Recursion algorithms
Chapter 11 Queues
Chapter 12 Linked lists
Chapter 13 Implementations of lists
Chapter 14 Other lists
Chapter 15 Binary trees
Chapter 16 Binary trees -representation and application
Chapter 17 Graphs
Chapter 18 Searching
Chapter 19 Hashing
Chapter 20 Sorting