ISBN 9789350098448,Dead as a Dodo

Dead as a Dodo


Venita Coelho


Hachette India



Hachette India

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789350098448

ISBN-10 935009844X

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Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

Mission - Dead as a Dodo Mission Brief - Somebody is on an extinction operation, stealing all the last specimens of highly endangered species. This mysterious crook has somehow managed to discover the impossible - a living specimen of Raphus cucullatus, aka, the dodo. Yes, the same flightless bird that was hunted to oblivion in Mauritius more than 300 years ago! This dodo has become the single most priceless creature on the planet and it must be rescued immediately. Without delay, Animal Intelligence Agency agents are assigned to this urgent mission. Note - The Animal Intelligence Agency is a multi-species non-governmental agency. Specially trained Animal and Human agents work undercover to save animals and save the world. Some of them have a license to kill. Agent no. 002 Species - Panthera tigris tigris Name - Bagha Currently the only agent with a license to kill. He is the most dangerous and experienced operative, with the scars to prove it.

Agent no. 015 Species - Semnopithecus entellus Name - Kela this operative was formerly a disgraced agent, stripped of his number. However, after his sterling performance in mission tiger by the Tail, his number and privileges have been restored. Agent no. 11.5 Species - Homo sapiens sapiens Name - Rana One of only two people in the world who use Jungle Speak to communicate across species. Extremely good with computers and all things tech. Far from dangerous or lethal. However, his intelligence is a real contribution to a mission. His allergies are a real problem.

Indications are that the mission will take the agents to Mauritius, America and as far off as the Arctic Circle and the North Pole. They must not fail, come what may. This dodo must not die.

About the Author

Venita Coelho
 is an author who writes for film and television, but loves books the most. She has taken up arms to protest against many things and with this series of books, she speaks up for the animals we share the world with. She loves adventures, mostly if she can have them sitting at home and making them up.