ISBN 9788188934584,Deccan Society and Economy (2 vols)

Deccan Society and Economy (2 vols)



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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788188934584

ISBN-10 8188934585

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Number of Pages 571 Pages
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The present project is based mainly on the inscriptions issued by the kings of Satavahana, Vakataka, Calukya of Badami, Rastrakuta, Calukya of Kalyani, Yadava and Silahara dynasties as well as of some other dynasties which had some sort of contacts with these royal families and the data obtained is supplemented and corroborated wherever possible and essential with the evidence available from other sources. Taking into account the vast gamut of the territory and the period of the study is restricted to the region ruled by these dynasties and particularly to western and northern Deccan including Vidarbha.

The efforts are made to have clear idea about the position of different so called castes in the society by describing these classes in the context of their duties prescribed in Dharmasastras. Here an attempt is made to trace the beginning of different arts and professions based on each of the sources with the corroboration of the evidence from different sources