ISBN 9788181580474,Defeat Into Victory

Defeat Into Victory


F M Slim


Natraj Publishers



Natraj Publishers


ISBN 9788181580474

ISBN-10 8181580478

Hard Back

Number of Pages 1981 Pages
Language (English)

Military history

The book is a memoir by Viscount Slim that recollects the events that took place during the campaign in Burma. Upon reading this book, you will notice that Slim was a man who was quick to appreciate his superiors, subordinates and peers. He has never hesitated in taking responsibility for his own mistakes. He even admits to the fact that some of his mistakes had caused the lives of many a soldier and the burden that he needs to carry due to this. This classic account of the Burma campaign reveals to the reader the difficulties of the war. The war was a story of retreat, slow destruction and a victory over the Japanese that was achieved after much struggle. The book shows Field Marshall Slim as an excellent strategist, and is a detailed account of his approach towards the campaign against the Japanese Army in Burma.

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