ISBN 9788123912806,Deforestation And Perilous Land Degradation: Foresters Premier Role In Saving Indias Destiny

Deforestation And Perilous Land Degradation: Foresters Premier Role In Saving Indias Destiny






Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788123912806

ISBN-10 8123912803

Hard Back

Number of Pages 300 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general

The present planning for building brighter lndia rests on an unstable foundation much depleted and impoverished due to severe biotic and a biotic causes leading to denudation of forest cover and the resources. The national planning has been very far from taking the disasters into due consideration and the recent calamities of the magnitude of `Tsunami` and EI Nino indicate horrendous future ahead for our country.The book brings to light the perilous state of Landis land-use situation due to ever-increasing incidence of floods drought soil erosion silting of rivers denudation of forests pollution and several other natural and man-made problems. Lt indicates a warning on the occurrence of occasional but very severe earthquakes coastal cyclones and Tsunami-like disasters. Lt emphasises the immediate need for nationwide afforestation and soil conservation coverage and proposes some plausible measures to tackle the problems of drought soil wash windstorm and extensive barren land including unemployment.Indian foresters have a long tradition of education training and technical know-how to tackle this massive issue and thus could be the front line executors based on a sound planning by economists agriculturists and administrators. The book focuses on the benefits from forests and the role of foresters in the conservation and management of flora fauna and land resources in saving the country from utter disaster.