ISBN 9788132106562,Defragmenting India : Riding a Bullet through the Gathering Storm

Defragmenting India : Riding a Bullet through the Gathering Storm



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788132106562

ISBN-10 8132106563


Number of Pages 260 Pages
Language (English)


Defragmenting India: Riding A Bullet Through The Gathering Storm, is a documentary of the aftermath, which occurred due to the communal riots that took place between the Hindus and Muslims, in the year 2002. These riots were the reason for the author to publish this book, which caused the author to travel across the country. The book was compiled because of face-to-face meetings with a number of people from the smaller towns in the country. The book also showcases the urban consciousness, which was prevalent in the Indian culture at that time, and extends to all the different sections of society as well. It also brings several crucial matters to the forefront, such as the impact of religion in this modern day world, along with its effects, in terms of communal violence. Such violence is rather common in our country even today and affects millions of lives. This book has been greatly appreciated by its readers, and has been rated well by a great deal of magazines, and newspapers.He captures a wide range of emotions and undercurrents that run through the nation of India, among different communities, families and people. The author is thus able to provide his readers with a portrait of modern India that is full of numerous shades and colours. This feature of the novel makes it an instant success. About Harish Nambiar The author of this book, Harish Nambiar, is also a well-known journalist from Mumbai, India. The author began his career as a journalist in the year 1990, working for The Times Of India. In his career as a journalist, the author has reported the communal riots of the year 1992-93, 3 elections, scams, crimes, and cyclones. In his extensive career, the author has been associated with several other news organisations, such as The Telegraph, Kolkata, CNBC (T.V Channel), and The Indian Express. The author has also been a visiting professor, teaching journalism for two academic semesters. He also teaches English Literature as well as poetry appreciation.