ISBN 9789381626245,Delhi: 14 Historic Walks

Delhi: 14 Historic Walks



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789381626245

ISBN-10 9381626243


Number of Pages 415 Pages
Language (English)

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Delhi: 14 Historic Walks is a beautiful book by Swapna Liddle that focuses on the beauty and cultural heritage of Delhi, the capital of India.
Summary Of The Book
Delhi: 14 Historic Walks focuses on the rich heritage of Delhi, which is the capital of India. This city recently celebrated its one hundredth anniversary of being the capital of India. This grand event was in the year 2011. However, it is a well-known fact that the city of Delhi is indeed a very old one and has seen the rise and fall of numerous dynasties.
This book provides the readers with interesting facts about this city, focusing mainly on the famous walking routes that the city takes pride in. The readers have also been provided with a great deal of information about the iconic monuments that are present in this city. These include the Qutub Minar, Red Fort, and the Lodi Gardens. The detailed historical facts that surround the construction of these monuments have also been explained.
The author has made sure to keep her writing crisp and fluid, so as to keep her readers captivated right through the book. Some of the highlights of Delhi: 14 Historic Walks include the presence of numerous black and white photographs that appear alongside the text. The readers are also given information about the nearest metro stations, the cost of tickets, and the correct walking gear that must be used in such places.
The publishers have ensured that Delhi: 14 Historic Walks is light enough to carry around as people travel, and for this purpose they have made it a paperback book. Tourists and locals can use it as an ideal reference guide as they tour this great city.
About Swapna Liddle
The author of this book, Swapna Liddle, is extremely familiar with the history of Delhi and one of her primary aims is to help people gain more knowledge about this great city.
Delhi: 14 Historic Walks is the only book she’s written.
Liddle has spent several years walking and studying the streets of this city on lone visits and trips with friends, during which she has gained immense knowledge of the details of monuments and travel routes. Liddle has a rich academic grounding in History, and she has completed her PhD in 19th century Delhi as well. She has been able to help numerous people learn more about the capital of India through her book.