ISBN 9788189497224,Delhi The City Of Monuments

Delhi The City Of Monuments


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Timeless Books

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9788189497224

ISBN-10 8189497227

Hard Back

Number of Pages 164 Pages
Language (English)

History & Politics

There can be no last word on the subject. Delhi - call it the city of monuments or monumental city, few places in the world can claim to be so steeped in history. A throbbing , crucial, power centric capital, where people live in several centuries at any given time; from the pre Christian age to the 21st century. The origin of the very name of this metropolis is open to debate. You cannot drive one kilometre even in Lutyen's New Delhi without encountering at least the remains of a fort, a temple, a mosque or a tomb. Each one of them a witness to an era of history. Hundreds of them have been identified and documented, often with scholars delightfully disagreeing with each other! An equal number of such relics remain unresearched, shrouded still in enigmatic aura. This is not a book for students of history, it does not even purport to be an original recording. The intention is to visually facilitate an understanding of the city's most outstanding monuments. As far as possible, care has been taken to maintain consistency in dates and spellings; despite which, if a couple of inaccuracies have crept through, it may be viewed with a historical perspective. What's in a name or date, when juxtaposed with 5,000 years of civilization?