ISBN 9789350291313,Delirious Delhi: Inside India's Incredible Capital

Delirious Delhi: Inside India's Incredible Capital



HarperCollins Childrens Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789350291313

ISBN-10 9350291312


Number of Pages 392 Pages
Language (English)

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Delirious Delhi: Inside India's Incredible Capital is the story of how two Americans explore the capital of India, Delhi. Dave and his wife Jenny were just plain old Americans living in New York, when Dave received an opportunity to work from Gurgaon for a period of eighteen months - a chance that the couple pounced on. Delirious Delhi: Inside India's Incredible Capital is the account of the couple's experience in the city of 16 million people. The first thing that takes them by surprise is the listless honking on the road, where all the vehicles blare their horns at the same time. Dave and Jenny realize that India is all about energy, vibrancy, contrast, and ecstasy. It is a city in which everything seems to be true simultaneously. The two explorers see how ancient historic monuments that are hundreds of years old stand right next to fancy modern shopping malls. They step into luxurious offices in high-rise buildings and observe the chaotic traffic jams on Delhi's roads. They try to understand the philosophy behind the actions of the locals, and even talk about the system of 'jugaad', which they define as a 'duct-tape arrangement'. They share their love for Old Delhi and elaborate on how it is a collection of different thrilling moments that vanish before they can be comprehended. In Delirious Delhi: Inside India's Incredible Capital, Dave writes about his love for Indian food. The book starts with an instruction to 'Eat more butter chicken'. From chhola bhaturas, dosas, rolls and kulfi, to their cook's dishes like baingan ka bharta and palak paneer, Dave writes about his gastronomical adventures as well. This book covers Delhi entirely, highlighting the good aspects about the city and the bad aspects equally. Contrary to superficial accounts that tourists usually write about a city, especially one with such a different culture, Delirious Delhi: Inside India's Incredible Capital serves as an in-depth account written about one of India's most colorful cities. The comic style of writing is well-balanced with facts, and the book is perfect for those who have been to Delhi, are planning to go to Delhi, or want to experience the real Delhi.