ISBN 9780875848693,Delivering Results : A New Mandate for Human Resource Professionals

Delivering Results : A New Mandate for Human Resource Professionals



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780875848693

ISBN-10 0875848699


Number of Pages 349 Pages
Language (English)


This hardcover edition is available only in a premium, full-cloth binding. It will not ship with a dust jacket. The profession of human resources is at a crossroads. Although a small but increasingly vocal faction is questioning both the value and the need for HR, in fact, HR has never been more necessary. The challenges facing today's businesses demand speed, responsiveness, learning, and teamwork-in short, organizational capabilities. And HR is uniquely positioned to deliver organizational capabilities, but only if it is willing to abandon many of its traditional functions, assume an entirely new role, and develop a new agenda. Delivering Results collects some of the best articles from the Harvard Business Review and creates a resource that addresses the need for HR to re-invent itself as a strategic player capable of generating organizational capabilities. With an introduction from Dave Ulrich, author of the bestselling Human Resource Champions, this collection examines the new skills, roles, and purpose that HR must cultivate if it is to add value. The goal of this timely Harvard Business Review book is to define a new era in management, one in which HR is no longer considered a bureaucratic department devoted to staffing, policy, and compensation, but is looked to as a partner in shaping and directing strategic outcomes. The contributions in provide an enlightening look at issues such as change, strategic unity, innovation, and intellectual capital, revealing how HR must take a leadership role in contributing to these initiatives. The articles are organized around four categories-Delivering Core Capabilities, Creating Strategic Clarity, Making Change Happen, and Creating Intellectual Capital-to help HR professionals answer questions such as: * How do we fight and win the war for talent? * How do we create value? * How do we profitably grow our business? * How do we facilitate both individual and organizational learning? For the work of HR to directly contribute to employee, customer, and shareholder value, it must guide the development of organizational capabilities that turn strategy into action. Delivering Results reveals the power of HR strategies to influence not just individual, but company performance, offering actionable strategies that yield results from the factory line to the boardroom. A Harvard Business Review Book.