ISBN 9789383286669,Delusion In Organisational Excellence

Delusion In Organisational Excellence



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789383286669

ISBN-10 9383286660


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)

Budgeting & financial management

Achieving excellence is the mantra for any business. But how is excellence defined? What does excellence entail and what are its consequences? This may sound simple but understanding excellence becomes confusing in reality when organisations, once thought to have achieved excellence, suddenly fall! Using cases and examples from Lehman Brothers, General Motors, Nokia and Kodak to Infosys and Toyota to eateries like pizzerias - this book differentiates between delusion and true excellence. Aimed at professionals and aspirants across industries, this book explores solutions for organisations affected by delusion and suggests measures to attain what all businesses strive for - achieving 'Organisational Excellence' in its true avatar. Section I: Understanding Excellence General Understanding of Excellence What is the Delusion in Organisational Excellence? Why There is Delusion? Problems Arising Due to Deluded Excellence Section II: Identifying Delusion in Excellence: Learning to See all That is Visible but Blind Incomplete Way of Judging Excellence Learning to See What are "Visible But Blind" Symptoms of Deluded Excellence Organisation Common Symptoms from the Customer Perspective Common Symptoms from an Employee or a Service Provider Perspective Common Symptoms from an Organisation's Perspective Section III: Chronic Diseases: Obstructions to the Path of True Excellence Uncovering the Unknown Ineffectiveness Non-Value Adding versus Effectiveness Return on Investment Criteria for Driving Improvements Continuous Improvement Done with Unclear Purpose Excellence Caught up in Bureaucracy of Lean/Six Sigma/TPM "CEO Syndrome" Coupled with "Manager's Cost Thinking" Efficiency: Most Commonly Misunderstood and Applied "Fix-It" Approach "Convenience of Averages": Data Incorrectly Representing the Reality Achieving True Excellence