ISBN 9780761935964,Deregulation and Competition : Lessons from the Airline Industry

Deregulation and Competition : Lessons from the Airline Industry


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Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780761935964

ISBN-10 0761935967

Hard Back

Number of Pages 344 Pages
Language (English)


This thought-provoking book chronicles the evolution of the airline industry and explains what lies ahead for airlines across the globe. Taking the US airline industry as an in-depth case study, the authors present compelling evidence on how the paradigm shift that is taking place in the airline industry is linked to the big-bang approach to deregulation. There are lessons to be learned from the US, as Europe and Asia undergo airline deregulation from a public policy as well as a corporate perspective. This book also addresses the crucial question of what will happen to the airlines that are in turmoil. In addition to the comprehensive analysis of the airline industry?s evolution, the authors draw from extant theory as well as from their own research to predict and explain which airlines are likely to fly high and which are likely to face `turbulence` in the domestic and international markets. The downfall of legacy carriers and rise of discount carriers is analyzed in detail. Intended for a broader audience tha airline and management professionals this book would be of interest to managers and business executives of other industries, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, academics, business students and airline travellers in general. Table of Contents Foreword Prologue Flight Plan for Deregulation Lost Opportunities Development of Fortress Hubs Predatory Pricing Pacific Southwest Airlines: The First Large Discount Airline Southwest Airlines: Deregulation?s Biggest Success Story The Resurrection of Frontier Airlines AirTran Airways: Overcoming Tragedy to Become An Industry Leader JetBlue Airways: The First Luxury Discount Airline Ryanair Leads the Growth of Discounters in Europe Big Response to First Discount Airlines in Asia The Rise and Fall of the Major Airlines from 1995 to 2004 Growth of Discount Airlines Recommendations for Successful Airline Deregulation