ISBN 9788174092328,Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures


V.N. Vazirani


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher


ISBN 9788174092328

ISBN-10 8174092323

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Edition 16th
Number of Pages 1209 Pages
Language (English)

Civil Engineering

The author have attempted to present in this volume detailed and simple treatment of the theory and design of R.C.C. structures. Complete designs of various structures have been worked out with detailed drawings. Besides giving the basic principles for design of prestressed concrete, theory alongwith detailed drawings & charts as applied to concrete structures has been given which will be of imense use for engineers for design and reference purpose.

While the work done by previous authors in the field of R.C.C. structures has greatly influenced the subject matter of this book, its specially lies not only in entirely fresh and analytical approach to the problem of design with certain basically new conception but also in the more comprehensive treatment which makes the design of structures fuller in all respects, even to the extent of minor details.

Table of Contents
*Introduction *Singly reinforced beams *Slabs spanning in one direction *Shear, bond development length and anchorage *Doubly reinforced beams *T and L beams *Axially loaded columns *Two-way reinforced slabs *Combined bending and direct stresses *R.C.C. footings and foundations *Stair cases *Retaining walls *Domes *R.C.C. chimneys *Water tanks *Design of aqueducts and box culverts *Portals and building frames *Bunkers and silor *Form work *Sheet,pilem pierm and wharf structures *Detailing of R.C.C. Structures *Composite sections *Reinforced concrete bridges *Prestressed concrete *Sub-structure of bridges *Shell construction *Folded plate construction