ISBN 9788120330399,Development Of Component-Based Information Systems

Development Of Component-Based Information Systems



M.E. Sharpe Books

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788120330399

ISBN-10 8120330390


Number of Pages 252 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

This work provides a comprehensive overview of research and practical issues relating to component-based development information systems (CBIS). Spanning the organizational, developmental, and technical aspects of the subject, the original research included here provides fresh insights into successful CBIS technology and application. Part I covers component-based development methodologies and system architectures. Part II analyzes different aspects of managing component-based development. Part III investi-gates component-based development with commercial off-the-shelf products (COTS), including the selection and trading of COTS products. Consistent with the objectives of AMIS, the editors of this volume discuss in their introduction the domain of CBD (Component Based Development) as well as the research methods in the domain, illustrating them with papers from general literature as well as from the present monograph. The work should help in further development of Information Systems as a scholarly discipline with a rich multimethod research program?and serve the progress in CBD This book is intended for the students of Computer Science and Manage-ment, and for professional software developers Table Of Contents Series Editor?s Introduction. Acknowledgments. Development of Component-Based Information Systems: An Introduction. Part I: COMPONENT-BASED DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES AND SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURES An Approach to Component-Based and Service-Oriented System Architecture Design. Toward a Component-Oriented Methodology to Build-by-Integration. . Principles of UML-Based Component Modeling. Designing Flexible Distributed Component Systems. . Patterns, Pattern Languages, and Software Architecture for CBDi: The Lessons of the ADAPTOR Experiment. Techniques and Strategies for Testing Component-Based Software and Product Lines. Part II: MANAGING COMPONENT-BASED DEVELOPMENT Organizing for Software Product Families Business Engineering of Component-Based Systems. COMPONENT-BASED DEVELOPMENT WITH COMMERCIAL OFF-THE-SHELF PRODUCTS Selecting Commercial Off-the-Shelf Products. Trading for COTS Components to Fulfill Architectural Requirements. Editors and Contributors. Series Editor. Index.