ISBN 9780857071538,Devoted



Hilary Duff


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780857071538

ISBN-10 085707153X


Number of Pages 368 Pages
Language (English)


Clea has now found love. She has discovered in the mysterious Sage her soulmate, realizing that they have been together in their past lives. She also realizes that their love had always ended tragically in their past lives, and that now she needs to be careful in order to make this love last. The task soon gets out of hand. Sage has been kidnapped, and is in danger. There are people out there who are trying to kill Sage and destroy the elixir responsible for making him immortal. But Clea must stay strong and try to save her true love. Clea gathers herself. She believes Sage is alive, and vows to find him at any cost. She teams up with her friend Ben, in whose eyes she still sees betrayal. Together, they discover that the way to reach Sage would be by entering into an alliance with an ancient faction, Cursed Vengeance. This path is replete with dangers as, if Clea doesn't reach Sage before the faction does, Cursed Vengeance will destroy him. She is still with Ben, in whom she is desperately trying to find trust, especially considering that he had a role in separating her from Sage and tragically ending their love in their past lives. She is also working with Cursed Vengeance, who will kill Sage if they get to him earlier. Clea is in a deadly spot. Can she prevent history from repeating itself and protect Sage from the dark forces? Devoted is Hilary Duff's sequel to Elixir, which was a New York Times bestselling novel written with Elise Allen. The third book in this installment is titled True. It completes the Elixir trilogy. About Hilary Duff Hilary Duff is a singer, songwriter, actress, and writer. Hilary has written two other books, Elixir and True. Hilary was born in Houston, Texas. She trained in singing, acting and ballet dancing from a very young age. Hilary, along with her mother and sister, left for California to pursue work in the show business. After having acted in television commercial gigs and taken up minor roles in films, she was cast in Casper Meets Wendy, in which she played the role of the young witch Wendy. She also acted in a supporting role in the movie The Soul Collector, for which she even received a Young Artist Award. But her breakthrough came about with the release of the TV show Lizzie Mcguire, which made her a household name, especially among teens and adolescents. Ever since, she has appeared in many films and TV shows. Hilary also went ahead and successfully pursued her singing career, selling over 13 million albums globally. She has also been engaged in humanitarian work, providing financial support to those affected by natural disasters, contributing to youth charities, and standing for causes.

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