ISBN 9789382993193,Devotion and Dissent in Indian History

Devotion and Dissent in Indian History



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382993193

ISBN-10 9382993193


Number of Pages 415 Pages
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In contrast to sectarian movements across the world that have been fundamentalist in terms of their ideology and locked in conflicts with those who worshipped differently, dissent movements within devotional streams were characterized by the qualities of universalism, humanism and love which cut across communal, caste and gender lines. The primary focus of this volume is to present the morphology of dissent within devotion. In the process, the traditional tropes of borders and boundaries get corroded. The normally visible communal, class, caste and gender divides are rendered fuzzy. Equally significant is the emergence of dissent within dissent movements, as these movements begin to petrify into rigid doctrinal positions.
This book seeks to provide a counter-perspective to the well-known and well-trodden school of Marxist historiography which locates religion firmly within the existing socio-economic order. However, the editor has not conceived of a tailored closure to these two positions and this volume contains essays that explore the notion of devotion as being embedded in dissent, either religious or social.
Introduction: Parsing of Devotion and Dissent
Part I: Locating Devotion in Dissent and Dissent in Devotion
Chapter 1: Locating Devotion in Dissent and Dissent in Devotion: A Thematic Overview
Part II: Devotion and Dissent in Early India
Chapter 2: Dissent and Protest in Early Buddhism with Special Reference to Devadatta
Chapter 3: Devotion and Dissent in Hunters Bhakti: Kannappa in Hagiography, Sthalapurana and Iconographic Representations
Chapter 4: Devotion and Dissent in the Biographical Process of a medieval saint-Ramanuja in Srivaishnava Tradition and History
Part III: Dissent in Early Medieval Devotional movements of the Deccan:
Chapter 5: Dissent Within: Devotion and Dissent in Tamil Siddha Tradition
Chapter 6: Women in Love: Mysticism and Eroticism in Virasaivism
Chapter 7: Dissenting Voices: Continuities in the Varkari Tradition
Part IV: Devotion and Dissent in Medieval India on the Indo-Gangetic Plains
Chapter 8: Dissent in Kabir and the Kabir Panth
Chapter 9: Dalit Saint Poets: Devotion and Dissent in Sikhism
Chapter 10: A Protest against the Protest: The Nath-Siddhas and Charpatnath
Part V: Devotion and Dissent in Sufism and Related Movements
Chapter 11: Fakirs of Bengal:Dissenters of Shariat and Challengers of Establishments
Chapter 12: Music in Chishti Sufism
Chapter 13: Dissenting the Dominant: Caste Mobility and Ritual practice and Popular Sufi Shrines in Contemporary Punjab
Part VI: Devotion, Dissent and Reform in Colonial India
Chapter 14: Twentieth Century Dissent within the Catholic Church in India
Chapter 15: Narratives of Travel, Voices of Dissent and Attacks on the Colonial Church Fabric of the European Missionaries: A Study on the Varthamanapusthakam
Chapter 16: SreeNarayana Gurus Idioms of the Spiritual and the Worldly
Chapter 17: Devotion and Dissent in Narayana Guru
About the Author: Vijaya Ramaswamy
Vijaya Ramaswamy, Professor, Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University