ISBN 9788123908533,Diagnostic Techniques For Improving Crop Production

Diagnostic Techniques For Improving Crop Production


Benjamin Wolf






Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788123908533

ISBN-10 8123908539

Hard Back

Number of Pages 426 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

The book covers the various diagnostic techniques that can be used to provide intelligent use of the different inputs in six selections. Section I which consists of three chapters covers those techniques that can impact on the intelligent use of soil. Chapter 1 in this section outlines soil testing in general with details for soil sampling. Chapter 2 details the physical characteristics that are important in crop production and outlines the tests to measure them while Chapter 3 features the chemical aspects. Section II outlines tests of plant materials useful for improving crop production. Chapter 4 in this section deals with the testing of seeds for vigor and purity; Chapter 5 with leaf or tissue analyses to determine plant nutrient needs; and Chapter 6 with the maturity of commodities so that they will be harvested at a time that maximizes yield and quality. Section III deals with the application of water for crops emphasizing those tests that determine the need for water and the suitability of water for irrigation. Section IV summarizes diagnostic techniques that maximize pest control by counting and identifying pests proper application of pesticides and calibration of application equipment. Section V outlines the methods of evaluating climate that will provide suitable conditions of light temperature air humidity carbon dioxide and freedom from air pollutants for growing storing and transporting plants and plant-commodities.