ISBN 9788129108791,Diamond : Eternal Fire

Diamond : Eternal Fire


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788129108791

ISBN-10 8129108798


Number of Pages 403 Pages
Language (English)


Diamond-the very word evokes wonder and awe. The hardest gemstone known to man is also a most prized jewel, one which has been coveted by emperors and conquerors throughout history. Diamonds are stones of destiny, whose brilliant purity and flashes of fire possess mystical qualities known to the ancients. Here, in five parts, is the story of the diamond. From the fabled mines of Golconda in India, for cetnuries the only source of diamonds in the world, to the stone itself, from the treasuries of palaces to the riches of modern-day jewellery and the fortunes of diamond cutters, the text discovers the magical and continuing fascination of the diamond. About Author : Asha Rani Mathur is a freelance writer and editor. She has edited and produced books on aspects of Indian life and culture as well as art catalogues and written on subjects as far apart as restaurant food, travel and ancient India. She has also scripted documentaries for television. Her earlier books in this series have been "Woven Wounder", "A Jewlled Splendour", " Indian Shawls" and " Indian Carpets" on textiles, jewellery, shawls and carpets respectively. Contents : The Legend of Golconda Romance of the Stone Treasury of the World Ring of Fire The Last Frontier: Branded Diamond Jewellry Principal Bibliography Acknowledgeemnts and Photos Credits