ISBN 9788177083859,Dictionary of Capital Market

Dictionary of Capital Market


New Century Press



New Century Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788177083859

ISBN-10 8177083856

Hard Back

Number of Pages 264 Pages
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An efficient capital market is an important constituent of a sound financial system. Capital market channelises household savings to the corporate sector and allocates funds to firms. In this process, it allows both firms and households to share risks associated with business. Moreover, capital market enables the valuation of firms on an almost continuous basis and plays an important role in the governance of the corporate sector. Dynamics of capital market require changes in the laws, rules and regulations on a continuing basis. Consequently, new terms and concepts and their definitions are added to capital market lexicon on a regular basis. This dictionary is designed to provide a useful, reliable, readable and single source guide to the all-important field of capital market. It provides simple and easily comprehensible definitions and explanations of terms used in this area. The terms, concepts and usages are given their most common definition. Readers will also find helpful illustrations of important terms. This reference work is intended as a practical tool for a cross-section of readership. It will be useful for teachers and students of economics, commerce, law, and management, and also for bankers, corporate executives, legislators and government officials. Meticulously cross-referenced, the dictionary is a comprehensive and invaluable source of essential information.