ISBN 9781578517794,Digital Defense

Digital Defense





Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9781578517794

ISBN-10 1578517796


Number of Pages 163 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Protect and Maximize Your Company's Digital Assets>P>
Security is a critical concern for every company, organization, and institution, regardless of their size or activity. In this timely book, leading security and privacy expert Thomas J. Parenty demystifies computer and network security for non-technical managers-taking them beyond hackers, firewalls, and virus protection to outline a holistic approach to information security that promotes business growth.

Drawing from more than twenty years of experience in the computer security and cryptography fields, Parenty introduces the "Trust Framework," a unique and straightforward approach to developing and implementing a corporate security process.

The Trust Framework is based on two core principles: 1) every technology choice must be closely linked to a company's overall mission and specific business activities; and 2) a company needs to show its partners and customers why they should have trust in their electronic business transactions. Parenty guides managers in clearly articulating their specific business requirements, selecting the appropriate security technologies, and building an organizational environment that promotes and nurtures trust.

An entirely new era of information security is underway-and it is changing the rules of business for every industry. Digital Defense guides managers in implementing security solutions that both protect their firms' current digital assets-and pave the way for future business innovation

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