ISBN 9780195668834,Digital Integrated Circuit Design

Digital Integrated Circuit Design


Ken Martin



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780195668834

ISBN-10 0195668839


Number of Pages 560 Pages
Language (English)

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Designing high-performance digital integrated circuits requires expertise in many different areas. These include semiconductor physics, integrated circuit processing, transistor-level design, logic-level design, system-level design, testing, etc. Aspects of these topics are covered throughout this text, although the emphasis is on transistor-level design of digital integrated circuits and systems. This is in contrast to the perspective in many other texts, which takes a system-level or VLSI approach where transistor-level details are minimized. It is the author's belief that before system-level considerations can be properly evaluated, an in-depth transistor-level understanding must first be obtained. Important system-level considerations such as timing, pipe-lining, clock distribution, and system building blocks are covered in detail, but the emphasis on transistors first. Throughout the book, physical and intuitive explanations are given, and although mathematical quantitative analysis of many circuits have necessarily been presented, Martin has attempted not to "miss seeing the forest because of the trees". This book presents the critical underlying concepts without becoming entangled in tedious and over-complicated circuit analyses.