ISBN 9789381269497,Digital Signal And Image Processing

Digital Signal And Image Processing



Elsevier India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381269497

ISBN-10 9381269491


Number of Pages 480 Pages
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Image processing

Digital Signal Processing Is Everywhere, It Is Pervasive And Ubiquitous. Its Methodologies Are Evolving And Spreading Its Wings Into Many Exciting New Directions Such As Networking, Bioinformatics, Digital Security And Forensics, And Spoken Language. As A Technology, It Is A "Phantom Technology" Which Is Working From Behind The Scenes To Make Most Of Modern Day Devices Work. Designed For Both Undergraduate And Post Graduate Courses, This Book Provides A Comprehensive Insight Into The Linear Algebra And Optimization View Of Signal Processing That Can Be Readily Extended To Advanced Image Processing, Wavelet Theory And Compressive Sensing. This Book Shows How The Entire Class Of Problems In Signal And Image Processing Can Be Put In A Linear Algebra And Optimization Framework.

Key Features:
Only Prerequisite Is First Year Undergraduate Mathematics.
Signal Processing Is Now A Tool For Every Engineer, Therefore The Book Is Written In Such A Way That It Is Accessible To Students Across The Branches.
Very Simple Exposition To Latest Developments In Variational Signal And Image Processing.
An Introduction To Level Set Theory And The Latest Convex Formulation Is Presented.
Introduction To Compressed Sensing, Sparse Signal Processing And Its Associated Mathematics.
Applications In Speech And Character Segmentation.
All The Illustration In The Book Along With The Matlab Codes And Excel Exercises Are Provided In The The Book'S Website Http://Nlp.Amrita.Edu:8080/Book.

About The Author
Dr. K.P. Soman, (Ph.D., Iit Kharagpur) Is Head, Centre For Excellence In Computational Engineering And Networking, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore. He Has Published/Presented Over 100 Papers In International Journals And Conferences. His Areas Of Interest Include Compressed Sensing, Signal And Image Processing, Machine Learning, Software Defined Radio And Computational Linguistics. Dr. Soman Has Authored Three Books - Insight Into Wavelets: From Theory To Practice (2010), Insight Into Data Mining: Theory And Practice (2006), Machine Learning With Svm And Other Kernel Methods (2009).

R. Ramanathan, (M.Tech) Is Assistant Professor, Department Of Electronics And Communication Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore. He Has Contributed Around 26 Technical Papers In Recent Technologies Like Support Vector Machines, Software Radio And Wavelets. His Areas Of Interest Include Computational Engineering, Optimization And Signal Processing For Wireless Communication.

Table Of Contents
Part - I
Chapter 1: Signal Processing-An Introduction
Chapter 2: Linear Algebra For Signal Processing
Chapter 3: Complex Bases For Real Signals
Chapter 4: Convolution
Chapter 5: From Dft To Fft
Chapter 6: Z Domain Representation Of Signals
Chapter 7: Digital Filter Design
Chapter 8: Multirate Signal Processing
Chapter 9: Introduction To Microsoft Excel
Chapter 10: Excel For Plotting 1 D And 2 D Signals
Chapter 11: Lab Exercises In Excel And Matlab
Chapter 12: Sampling Fundamentals
Part - Ii
Chapter 13: Modern Measurements And Processing Of Signals
Chapter 14: Unconstrained And Constrained Optimization Algorithms
Chapter 15: Total Variation Denoising
Chapter 16: Sparse 1D Deconvolution For Signal Restoration
Chapter 17: Pde And Image Processing
Chapter 18: Calculus Of Variation
Chapter 19: Total Variational Methods For Image Denoising
Chapter 20: Introduction To Image Inpainting
Chapter 21: Nonlinear Diffusion: Algorithms, And Applications
Chapter 22: Algorithms For Image Deblurring
Chapter 23: Level Set Theory For Image Segmentation
Chapter 24: Compressed Sensing And Sparse Signal Representation
Chapter 25: Additional Topics In Image Processing
Chapter 26: Speech Processing
Chapter 27: Optical Character Recognition
Appendix A
Appendix B