ISBN 9780070702561,Digital Signal Processors

Digital Signal Processors



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070702561

ISBN-10 007070256X


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 570 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

The text provides a thorough understanding of the architecture and programming of Digital Signal Processors. It blends the concepts of digital signal processing with its applications on systems using digital signal processors. This revised edition offers an enhanced coverage of TMS320C6X series of processors and FPGA based system design-emerging trends of Digital Signal Processors. Salient Features New chapters on TMS320C6X Assembly Language Instructions Architecture & Application Programs of TMSC55X FPGAs and their Applications Discusses a wide variety of Texas Instruments (TI) Digital Signal Processors including C3X, C5X, C563XX and C55X Strong emphasis on the application of each set of Digital Signal Processors Application of the CODE COMPOSER STUDIO software for design & testing of DSP based systems Pedagogy Solved examples: 147 Review questions: 357 Assembly language programs: 35 Objective type questions: 341 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. An Overview of Digital Signal Processing and its Applications 2. Introduction to Programmable DSPs 3. Architecture of TMS320C5X 4. TMS320C5X Assemble Language Instructions 5. Instruction Pipelining in C5X 6. Applications Programs in C5X 7. Architecture of TMS320C3X 8. Addressing Modes and Assembly Language Instructions of C3X 9. Application Programs in C3X 10. An Overview of TMS320C54X 11. TMS320C54X Assembly Language Instructions 12. Application Programs in C54X 13. Architecture of TMS320C6X 14. TMS320C6X Assembly Language Instructions 15. TMS320C6X Application Programs & Peripherals 16. Architecture of TMS320C55X Processors 17. Recent Trends in DSP System Design 18. FPGAs in Telecommunication Applications